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What to Expect During Your First Thai Massage

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Dee Thai Massage & Spa, located on the edge of Summerlin in Las Vegas, NV is dedicated to keeping our customers, potential customers and massage enthusiasts up-to-date and informed on a variety of topics related to the health benefits of massage. This particular topic discusses "What to Expect During Your First Thai Massage."

With Thai massage becoming more popular in the U.S. with each passing year, a lot of people have started wondering whether it's something they should explore for themselves. But because it differs from European and sport massage traditions, they're likely more familiar with, many are uncertain what to expect from a Thai massage. If you're preparing for your first Thai massage, here's what you have to look forward to.

What to Expect

The massage therapist does not perform a Thai massage using oil, as unlike many other massage traditions it's not based on skin-to-skin contact. Rather than strip down, massage patients remain fully clothed (comfortable, loose-fitting clothes) during a Thai massage. You'll start on your back, not your stomach, and while there is some kneading of muscles and rolling of knots similar to the work done during a Swedish massage, Thai massage is sometimes referred to as a lazy person's yoga, because it involves a lot of yoga-like stretching.

In this case, the Thai massage therapist actually sets up the poses while the patient lies still, then pushes and pulls different limbs to stretch and release muscles. At different points during the massage, the massage therapist may be pushing, pulling, kneading, or even lightly walking on the patient.

What You Should Wear

Because clothes are worn during a Thai massage, what you wear for your treatment is actually an important consideration. First and foremost, you should wear loose, comfortable clothes that doesn't restrict any movements, like you would for an active athletic activity. If you have them, flexible garments, like stretchy yoga attire, work really well.

Thai Massage Benefits

Thanks to all the yoga-like stretches performed by a Thai massage therapist, the obvious benefits of receiving a Thai massage include looser muscles, increased flexibility, and reduced stress. What people are less likely to expect from a Thai massage is increased energy. We're conditioned to think of massage as a relaxing activity. However, Thai massage draws from Ayurvedic medical practices, and while the kneading and stretching of muscles relaxes them, the actual goal of a Thai massage therapist is to open up the flow of energy throughout your body. By unblocking your channels and stimulating uninhibited movement through your circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems, a Thai massage promote better overall health, and a refreshed, ready to go feeling.

How You Can Expect to Feel Afterward

In the hands of our licensed massage therapists at Dee Thai Massage & Spa, a Thai massage should leave all your internal systems attuned and working together, as your body intended before the respective stress of daily life intervened. You may expect to feel loose, rejuvenated, and alert — the sort of feeling you'd love to have before going to an important meeting, job interview, or first date. Since there's no oil involved in a Thai Massage, going from treatment to any of these events is easy to do, provided you change clothes, of course!

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